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...About me,

 Documenting weddings is something that I enjoy doing greatly, and my interest in commercial wedding photography grew through the years. I love to illuminate scenes and create stunning memories on one of the best days of your life. My approach to capturing your wedding revolves around moments of peak emotion, creative lighting, composition, and technique.


 I love to shoot weddings and engagement photo sessions. My way

of shooting emphasizes quality and style, and is a combination of treatments I have appreciated in the work of established wedding photographers mixed with my own techniques developed over the years of my photographic career.


 Creating exceptional wedding imagery is a collaborative effort between the photographer and his/her clients. I encourage my clients to embrace new ideas related to every day wedding scenarios, and to propose their own ideas about how they envision the imagery of their big day. It is through this kind of collaboration that amazing and memorable images are achieved.

- Padial

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